By Suu Sever Penye Şal Bej
By Suu Sever Penye Şal Bej

By Suu Sever Combed Cotton Shawl Beige

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By Suu Sever Penye Şal Bej

By Suu Sever Combed Cotton Shawl Beige

Normal price 354.41TL
Sale price 354.41TL Normal price
Product description

Combed Shawl

The most popular pieces of hijab clothes are turbans, shawls or scarves worn on the head. These can also be considered as the clothes that women focus on the most while shopping and have difficulty in choosing. The use of shawls has become an indispensable element of hijab in recent years. Although there are many reasons for this, the natural stance and comfortable use of the shawl can be counted as two major factors that make it preferred. It draws attention thanks to the stance it provides with its extending ends. Shawls, which can be tied in different ways, have an ideal use for those who want a change.

By Suu Sever shawls; designs comfortable, aesthetic and elegant shawls in accordance with the needs and expectations of the users. Revealing the beauty that comes from simplicity, these shawls complement your colorful and patterned outfits with elegance, allowing you to enjoy the elegance that comes from comfort. By Suu Sever shawls, which do not overwhelm in the heat in summer and do not get cold in the winter, can be used at any time of the year with their structure that is not affected by reasons such as seasonal changes. While their draped structure offers a natural look, these shawls that won your heart with their wrinkle-free texture make your day easier with their practicality in the fast rush of life.

By Suu Sever shawls, which complement and reveal the elegance of an outfit, are extremely useful products with their comfortable use, flexible structure and breathable surface against perspiration. Shawls, 65x180 cm in size, with a lycra feature, have a light texture that does not add weight at first. The best thing about By Suu Sever shawls is that they have a fabric that does not require ironing and are easily shaped. Shawls, which you can easily use in all seasons, have a structure that does not show through. It adapts to your style with its different colors and completes your outfit with its aesthetic stance.
Enjoy the beauty of comfort with By Suu Sever's quality and assurance.
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Product Features
  • Scarlet Size: 65 x 180 cm
  • Lycra.
  • It doesn't weigh at first.
  • Does not show the interior.
  • No ironing required.
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